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Services :::: Mammography screenings and equipment

    For mammography screenings, we use a state-of-the-art unit, the Planmed Sophie Classic, which provides excellent images, and have reliable operations and gives consistent quality.

    We use only the highest quality processor, Kodak films, and chemicals to create a mammogram with the best resolution for a more accurate reading by our radiologist. Our licensed, radiologists devote 85% of their practices to interpreting mammography films. Any repeat exams, due to technical reasons, will be performed at no additional charge.

    Here, is what we are guaranteed to provide when using our equipment in conjunction with using our services for mammography screenings:

  • Our equipment is mobile - allowing us to offer screenings in virtually any setting or facility.
  • We use only the highest quality processor, films and chemicals.
  • Our units supply superior x-rays with minimum radiation exposure.
  • Reports are sent to the patients and their doctors in only 10 business days after the screening.
  • Multi diagnostics also provides close follow ups of these patients.
  • We can perform a mammography every ten minutes.
  • In addition to mammography exams, we also provide proper education to our patients for breast self examinations.

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