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In an American Journal of Roentgenology articleit was reportedthat one study found cancerdetection rates increasedfrom 4.1/1,000 during (x-ray) film-screenings to 7.9/1,000the year after the introduction of digital mammography.(1)

Mobile Digital Mammography is taken to a new level with the use of our state-of-the-art unit,which providessuperior digital x-rays,minimum radiation eposure, andreduced patient discomfort. The unit provides reliable operationswith consistent quality.

You will be greeted by one of our female American Registry of Radiological Technologists [ARRT]who will put you at ease during your exam and can explain and demonstrate the proper technique for breast self examination.

Test results and reports are sent to our patients and their doctors within ten business days. Studies are interpretedby our independent Board-Certified radiologists who devote 85% or more of their practices to interpreting mammography films.

Here, is what we guarantee to provide when using ourservices for mammography screenings:

Our Equipment:
Planmed Sophie Classic

  • Minimaldisruption to your business or operations while performing the exams.
  • Exams performed every ten minutes
  • Patients needing additional imaging are notified by phone and mail and our staff is in contact with them until a diagnosis is reached
  • Knowledgeable office staff and expert case management

Reasons to choose Digital Mammography over Conventional Film

  • Images can be seen by the technologist immediately thereby eliminating the need for repeat views.
  • images can be enhanced using contrast and size
  • Less radiation exposure to the patient
  • Digital mammography has been shown to be significantly more accurate than conventional x-ray film in imaging women under the age of 50 or women of any age who have dense breast tissue
  • Aides the technologistwhen performing displacement views on women with breast implants, to ensure tissue behind the implant will be viewable by the radiologist

(1) Women's Imaging: Original Research: Digital Mammography: Its Impact on Recall Rates and Cancer Detection Rates in a Small Community-Based Radiology Practice

AJR August 2009 193:582-585; doi:10.2214/AJR.08.1720

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